Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dinner and Wine under the Stars Party

Wine Dinner under the Stars. This party was so fun! I had a great time putting it together. I did overdo it on the food as I usually do, so I did overextend myself bit.  I'll list more food items I made below. I did a roasted beet arugula goat cheese salad, a feta watermelon prosciutto salad, and a caramelized onion, goat cheese, pesto bacon flatbread. All so tasty.

I did a large assortment of food. Im so sad theres not better pictures but I was so busy getting all food out and stuff that I didn't get to take pictures myself.  I did bread, Cheeses, bruschetta, lemon shrimp, blue cheese Gnocchi, assortment of meats, fruits, olives, lettuce wraps, stuffed mushrooms. grougeres, blue cheese stuffed dates, proscuitto wrapped cantaloupe, mini cheese balls. Anything that goes great with all wines.

This worked great having everyone put a chalkboard sticker on their glass to keep track of it.

It was so pretty outside with the lights and stars. everything turned out great. the weather was amazing too. I ended up having 3 tables of food!

This is the back of the table. nice showing the back of the photo! ugh at this table I had antipasti skewers, the stuffed dates, bruschetta, grapes, and Tuscan Hummus. The food really all turned out great! 

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