Monday, October 22, 2012

Greek Party

We had a Greek food inspired theme party. It was a lot of fun and turned out great! The only thing that didn't was the pictures. We forgot to take pictures until it was basically over. I'm so mad. I took a couple before it was all set up but then forgot. My husband took some after but it was dark and a lot turned out blurry. I'll go ahead and post even though they didn't turn out so you can at least get the general idea.

We told our guests to dress up in Greek fashion: togas, goddess, gods or slaves. some did some didn't what we figured. It was fun either way to see what people came up with.

I decorated with white, blue, Gold and green ivy. We had pillars and urns to decorate as well as white candles and mirrors. I made labels for the food using a Greek map. I saw someone else had done something similar on the web so I made something like it as well. I bought a lighted Grapes garland and set that along the gold and white with the mirrors on the island around the food. These are the pics that came out blurry. Ugh! We had Gold plates and clear silverware to make easier clean up.

We had Pillars as you walked in through the entry way with blue netting and white Gossamer intertwined and draped over archway.

I made an extensive menu of Greek/Mediterranean food. It all turned out delish!

Here's the menu:

We bought  a gyro meat to cook on the rotisserie. It was total Yum!
Homemade pitas white and wheat.
7 Layer Greek dip with pita bread and pita chips
Pita chips, celery, cucumber and pita bread for dipping in dips
Feta Salsa
Lemon Greek Potatoes (My family loves these I make them often)
Baba Ganoush
Red Bell Pepper Hummus
Greek salad
Walnut Red Pepper Dip
Dolmades - Stuffed with lamb, bulgar, and sun dried tomatoes with a lemon sauce
Skorthalia - Garlic dip
Baked Feta Prawns
Dried Fig Slovauki
Walnut Cake
Orange Honey Sorbet