Monday, August 29, 2011

Toffee Temptation Ice Cream

I really love making Ice cream. I make it at least every other week. It is so fun to try your own combinations or copy one of your favorite ones just improving it. This ice cream is one of my very favorite Ice Creams. That's why I decided to put my own to the test. It was amazing!! My 10 year old who's favorite is the same said this was better than the store bought.  I made the ice cream base with the majority of the sugar brown to give it a more caramely taste. It was great!

I based it loosely on Ben and Jerry's Heath Ice Cream but uping the ante on additions and some change to the base. I didn't cook the eggs in this one but if you are nervous about it do.
Toffee Temptation Ice Cream

3 eggs beaten
11/2c. whole milk
1/2c. brown sugar
1/4c. white sugar
2c. heavy whipping cream
2t. vanilla
add ins: 5 Heath or Skor Bars
1/2c. cold caramel sauce

Mix altogether until sugar is dissolved.
Chill for a couple hours or freeze right away according to your ice cream manufacturers instructions.
When almost done break up heath or skor bars into pieces and add to ice cream base along with the caramel being drizzled slowly in. Let go 5 more minutes to ensure all is mixed well. Transfer to a freezer container and freeze for 4 -6 hours or overnight.


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