Friday, August 12, 2011

Cake Ball Bowls with Ice Cream

Have your cake and Ice cream too all in one treat. Cake balls and pops have been the new craze for a while now and I looove them. Mainly because its the perfect cake to frosting ratio for me. I love frosting but also cause they are small and I have less guilt eating them. Even though sometimes I eat too many. Ha!  I thought a good idea would be to make them into a container /bowl type of thing so you could put in it what ever you would like. Looked around to see if anyone had done before and couldn't find any so I went for it.  Of course Ice cream was my first thought, since that often goes with cake. The possibilities are endless. Mousse, custard, fruit to match your cake, fillings of all types. This is my first attempt and it wasn't very pretty. I have another idea of how to make it look more attractive and am trying it tomorrow since it's my binge baking day (Fridays). Plus I have to make my son's Birthday cake.

  I molded it into a pretty scalloped mold but when I took it out the mold wasn't really showing just the basic cup mold so I went with it but only had enough for one so I didn't get to try my other way which will work better I think. That's filling the mold with chocolate first and letting set up slightly then putting cake ball molded into that and filled/painted with chocolate. I'll see how that turns out. Either way it was Delicious. Small too so less guilt once again. My husband kept saying you should sell these. We shared it since I had already had toooo much sugar from my other treats I made.  I used a strawberry cake for the ball with a marshmallow strawberry frosting. Then dipped in chocolate and filled with my Strawberry Cheesecake Ice cream. Perfect for my Palate!! My Ice cream turned out Awesome!! I'll post that recipe next. It tasted like a strawberry cheesequake blizzard from Dairy queen but better.

Here's my picture. Remember that it's not too pretty but tastes great!! Hopefully my next attempt will be more attractive.

I should of drizzled some of my strawberry puree over the top. Woulda coulda shoulda. Next time!!

You can use any type of cake and frosting and chocolate/flavor dip it's great!

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