Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tropical Popcorn Fruit Gorp/Crunch & Munch

I always hated that name Gorp. Isn't that a weird name for something so tasty and addicting?! Is there another name for it? How about Crunch Munch I'm going with that. Tropical Popcorn Fruit Gorp  Crunch & Munch! I made this a couple times trying to get it just right. It might be a little over the top with so many things in it but it's a Tropical Party in my mouth. If you like these sort of things give it a try. I love them and have quite a few recipes of these sort. They are highly addictive though and not low on calories so beware!

Tropical Popcorn fruit Crunch and Munch

In  a large bowl add 8c. popcorn popped or 1/3c. popcorn kernels popped.
1/2 box banana nut cheerios
1c. unsweetened big coconut flakes or ribbons
1/2c. chopped macadamia nuts
11/2c. diced dried pineapple
1 bag of fried banana chips( you can get these at asian markets) so much better than dried cause not hard.
Dont put in last 2 ingredients until it has all been mixed with caramel and starting to cool down or they will melt.
1 bag of coconut M&M's or 1c. bag of white chocolate chips
1/2c. white choc chips

Coconut caramel
In a medium pan over medium heat add 3/4c. butter, 1c. karo syrup, and 1c. sugar. Bring to a boil and cook 3 to 4 minutes stirring occasionally over medium heat. Remove and add 1/2t. vanilla and 11/4t. coconut extract. 
Pour over Popcorn mixture and stir until all coated and cooled slightly. Then add m&m's and white chips.


BIrthday Cake flavored Marshmallows

I had to try it. I love marshmallows and I love cake batter flavored things. Everything else has been tried so why not these. They turned out good. My kids gobbled them up. We even made a really small batch of rice krispy treats with them. Turned out good.

Birthday Cake flavored Marshmallows

Butter a jelly roll pan and dust a mixture of 1/2 c powdered sugar an 2T. cornstarch over bottom and into corners. You may need more.

4 packets of gelatin put in mixer bowl with 3/4c. water. Let stand.

 3c. sugar
11/2c. water
1c. corn syrup
2t. salt
Bring to a boil over medium heat and cook until softball stage.

Meanwhile beat 2 egg whites until until stiff peaks.
in a small bowl add 1/4c. cake mix and 1/3c. boiling water. Mix until smooth.
When syrup is ready mix in 1/2t. vanilla and turn on mixer and  slowly pour into and down sides of bowl into softened gelatin. Don't stop mixer and add cake mix mixture and beat until combined and slightly cooled then put egg whites into it. Turn to high and beat about 15 minutes or until thick and fluffy. Add 1/2 bottle of Loranns cake batter flavor and 1 jar of sprinkles. Mix a minute more and then pour into prepared pan.
when smoothed out pour on additional jar of sprinkles over top. Let sit out overnight. Next day cut into pieces and dip sides into powdered sugar/cornstarch mixture. Store in air tight container.