Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cocoa Krispy Carmellow Treats

O.K I had to post a dessert.

This is another easy but oh so yummy treat. I love, love rice crispy treats and I've made tons of different kinds. This one I got the idea when I was walking through the grocery store and saw caramel vanilla marshmallows. Yum! I love marshmallows too and have made those in different flavors also. Anyway back to the idea. I thought oh! chocolate goes well with caramel so I bought cocoa crispies and the marshmallows and went home and got started. Everyone loved it. I made some other treats that day but these were the ones I kept going back for.

Cocoa Krispy Carmellow Treats Recipe
Make rice crispy treats like you normally would but with cocoa crispies and caramel marshmallows and double it.  So basically 1 cube of butter and 8 cups of caramel marshmallows melt then stir in 10 c. cocoa crispies.  Put half in a buttered 9x13 pan.  Then take another bag of plain mini marshmallows and sprinkle over top of that.
Then you can either make a recipe of caramel (That's what I did but its a lot more work but so worth it.) or melt a bag of caramels in a saucepan or microwave with  a few tablespoons of evaporated milk or until  thinned out and all melted. Pour this warm over the marshmallows then press the rest of the krispy treat over the top of that. Put wax paper over it and press down firm enough to get it all to stick together. Let cool, then cut and eat a ooey, gooey caramellowey treat, then another and another unless you have self control.;)

Oh Ya a little tip:  One of the times I made this it made it easier to press the 2nd half into another 9x13 pan with wax paper on bottom. Then I just had to flip it over on top of the caramel and press it down to adhere.

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