Monday, November 15, 2010

Brownie Pecan Cluster Blizzard Ice Cream Cake

This is what my sister said she wanted for a birthday cake. She said she wanted some type of cookie crust with gingerbread cookies then a brownie like cake and ice cream with caramel and fudge and nuts. So this is what I came up with. I know she loves the pecan cluster blizzards at DQ. So I made a "Magic shell" out of milk chocolate chips, semi sweet and butterscotch chips.  You melt it with 1 T. butter and 1T. coconut oil. Then you stir into ice cream with chopped toasted pecans and it hardens into little bites in the ice cream.

So I made the crust with golden Oreos, gingersnap cookies and a little melted butter.  I patted into pan and then made Dorie Greenspans Brownie Cake. I divide the batter between 2  - 9 inch round pans, one of them being the one with the crust.

After I made the cake I had better ideas for the crust. Like toffee graham crackers ground up with the gingersnap cookies or pecan shortbread. Oh well another time.

The brownie cake was pretty good I was hoping for more of a cakey brownie to soak up a little ice cream but it was still good. More like a denser chewy brownie. Maybe you have a cake recipe you'd like better.

Crust Recipe
15 golden oreos
15 gingersnap cookies
4 T. melted butter
mix al together and press into 9 inch pan

Brownie Cake
1c. flour
1t. baking soda
1/4t. salt
1 stick butter cut into pieces
5 ounces of bittersweet or semisweet chocolate chopped
3 eggs
1/2c. brown sugar
1/4c. sugar
3T. corn syrup ( I think this makes the cake a little chewier)
1/2t. vanilla
Melt the butter and chocolate together just until melted.
Whisk eggs and sugars together the corn syrup and vanilla. whisk in chocolate mixture and gently stir in dry ingredients just until incorporated. Pour half  into buttered lined baking pan and the other half into crust. Bake 350 20-30 minutes or until toothpick comes out almost clean.. Cool. Then remove single cake and cool completely.

 Ice cream
Use 1 half gallon of vanilla that has been softened
Take 1/2c. semi sweet. 1/4c. milk chocolate and 1/2c. butterscotch chips with 1T. butter and 11/2T. coconut oil
Melt and stir until shiny.  Sprinkle 1/2c. to 3/4c. chopped toasted pecans on ice cream. Pour your melted chips over pecans and stir until all mixed in and  chocolate mixture has hardened. Then spread on completely cooled cake with crust and top with a layer of hot fudge. Then top with second cake. Put in freezer for few3 hours then frost with caramel frosting and drizzle with more "Magic Shell".

Caramel frosting
3-4c. powdered sugar
1/2c. butter
caramel sauce until frosting consistency
1/2t. vanilla
mix well and taste to make sure enough caramel sauce has been added to make nice and caramel tasting.

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